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July 17, 2017

Hello, as the name might have given away, this is an introductory blog post.


I thought I’d write something quick about why I set this blog up though I imagine it might be similar reasons for many people. Over the years working primarily as an (iOS) sofware developer and now lead developer / technical lead, I’ve put the majority of my time into learning front-end programming, working with designers and shipping digital products - all of which I enjoy thoroughly. The time spent developing myself stayed in these areas until I felt I had the skills and experience necessary to do my job well.

When I had something to say, speaking up and sharing my learnings or thoughts to my teammates, the discipline or the company became as much a habit to me as writing the software itself or building the project since I have a passion for sharing knowledge, creating trust and forming a bond especially within a team.


More recently there were times when I felt it might be useful to extract that thing I learned or felt and share it in case it’s useful for someone let alone myself to refer back and / or to reflect but only if it’s something that would not offend or cause harm.

It might be some technical topic that I had an experience with and want to share, a way of working or pattern I’ve observed, a story about a problem and how we overcame it or just a specific thought or feeling.

I’m starting this now and hope use it to “open source” my thoughts & experiences and also practice my writing style. Whilst the internal forms of communication mentioned above are still important to me they are more personal and usually carry with them more association, humour and nuances whereas here it might be more stoic and journal like - or it might be the same I’m not sure yet.

Thank you for stopping by and a big thank you to all the people I have worked with as well as mentors and mentees (past and present) for teaching, learning, influencing, accepting, discovering and building things with me. Also to my wife and family for their incredible support me along the way.

I’m open to feedback to topics I might write about or how I might write about it too (see link to my details below)

Stay tuned for more posts.

Sai Krishna

Written by Shagun Madhikarmi

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